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A heavy yellow machine sits atop a platform with raised rails in an abandoned factory.

Using Industrial Track Wheels

Factories, mills, and warehouses often must move materials horizontally over predictable pathways. With large loads and sporadic movement, transfer carts on rails provide efficient transport. Rails offer less friction than many other contrivances. A rail system also can run without either driver or specialized AI. It will move only along

A millwright inspects the alignment of a pump and motor

Millwright Jobs, Wages, and Career Info

Reliance Foundry is known for bollards, but we also specialize in industrial wheels. We work with millwrights who need a high degree of confidence in the quality of parts. After the purchase order is in, it’s often the millwright we talk to about specification—yet millwrighting is often not well understood

A segment of the London Eye Ferris Wheel against the sky at sunset

The Wheel: A Complex Simple Machine

In North America, February 14th is best known as Valentine’s Day. It also marks Ferris Wheel Day, celebrating the inventor’s birthday. George Ferris Jr created the eponymously named wheel for the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. It was a 250-foot-high structure outfitted with 36 cars, each capable of carrying 40

cast steel track wheels

Steel Wheel Maintenance

Flanged track wheels are used to transfer heavy loads in industries such as forestry, wood processing, mining, and manufacturing. Buying and maintaining wheels are major expenses in any transfer cart operation. Buying the right type of wheel for the job is essential—a higher quality wheel will pay off with its

Various types of bearings

Do you need bearings or bushings for your wheels?

Bearings and bushings are necessary for optimal functioning of any wheel application. Without it, the bore of the wheel is subject to constant friction—wearing it out faster and shortening its life span. This is especially important in industrial wheels that carry heavy loads, such as metal wheels at lumber mills

Mining cart wheels on track

Standard vs. Custom Industrial Wheels

Finding the perfect wheel for your application can be a smooth process with the right knowledge. Wheel customers have three distinct choices when selecting wheels to meet specific needs: Find a stock or standard wheel. Find a stock or standard wheel that is close to

Red metal wheels on track

Choosing Between Steel and Iron Industrial Wheels

The right heavy-duty wheels are crucial to the smooth operation of any industrial application. Material is a key consideration in wheel selection. As with any equipment, correct material selection depends on its specific use. Common choices include steel, cast steel, cast iron, ductile iron, and various steel alloys. It is

Rail wheel manufacturing

Drive Wheels vs. Idler Wheels

When it comes to understanding the wheel and axle assembly for any type of vehicle, the first question to consider is how does it work? The type of wheel and axle used for motion will vary depending on the complexity of the vehicle—ranging from pull wagons, to rail carts, to

Stacked lumber ready for transport

Dry Kiln Cart Wheels for Lumber Drying

Lumber drying facilities are used to reduce the moisture content of wood. This involves wet or “green” lumber, which has a much higher mass than dry lumber, being carted into lumber drying facilities—a process that can be incredibly taxing on transfer cart wheels. This is largely why double flanged steel