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Colorful container ships sit in a busy port at sunrise

Supply Chain Jobs: Procurement, Logistics, and Management

What is a supply chain? A supply chain is a system that brings inputs from different places—raw materials, people, information, and services—and creates a finished output for a consumer. In a supply chain, materials are gathered, processed, shipped, received, synthesized, and delivered as a final product. Many people involved in

Skyscrapers reflect the images of a forest of trees

Urban Sustainability

Sustainability has been a part of North America’s cultural, political, and economic landscape for more than forty years. It’s been a marketing buzzword for some, a guiding principle for others, and an elusive goal for many. Sustainability seeks to bring resource consumption and resource replenishment into balance. Our booming human

A road leading to the Library of Congress is surrounded by greenspace and protected by bollards

Public Buildings as Infrastructure Investment

In a polarized political climate, one thing that unites people of all political stripes is the belief that infrastructure spending would be positive for the country. A $2 trillion infrastructure bill introduced in the spring, with strong bipartisan support, was put on hiatus for political reasons shortly after. Although the

An image of a landscape architect’s workspace with coffee and computer

Landscape Architects: Salary and Jobs by Region

Landscape architecture is a diverse career amassing knowledge from many other professions. In the course of a day, a landscape architect might need to draw on design, engineering, botany, hydrology, artistry, urban planning, budgeting… and the psychological finesse needed to work with clients and contractors. This wide range of needed

Interactive infographic showing state by state architect salaries and job opportunities.

Architect Salary and Job Opportunities by the Numbers

As makers of site furnishings, hardscape, and traffic management, we are often specified by architects. With every group of customers that we work with, we stay abreast of the trends and frustrations that make up their working lives, in order to provide better service. In the course of this research,

Water gushes through a shining trench drain

Commercial Trench Drain in Warehouses

Industrial trench drains are installed to help manage run-off in parking lots, warehouses, and factories. Cast iron is the most common type of metal used in trench grate and trench drain in commercial installations. It is low-maintenance and can stand up under the load of heavy machinery. Why install commercial

Urban trees with decorative lights at night

How to select the best trees for sidewalks and tree grates

What are street trees? Green landscaping adds color and texture into urban communities by using organic elements, providing relief from an otherwise built-out city environment. Street trees and other softscape elements are value-adding community features that increase greenspace, reduce air pollution, provide shade, and maintain ecological balance. From an aesthetic

A clickable image map showing possible infrastructure improvements

Neighborhood revitalization

Engaged and active neighborhoods have streets that answer the needs of their community. There is no single way to revitalize an empty downtown strip or create a new vibrant district. Every community’s needs are different. However, when there are infrastructure dollars available, municipalities can make smart investments to support the

A brown cast iron trench grate sits beside a curb under a lump of snow

Trench Drains

Good drainage systems are important, especially as flood events become more common. Water management over large areas is best done through green-space, bioswales, permeable hardscape, and the maintenance of permeable soil profiles. However, where groundwaters cannot absorb rain or melt quickly enough, run-off occurs. In the natural world, sloped areas

A diagram shows measurements needed for saw tooth bus bays including bay length and angle.

Park and Ride Design in the Age of Ride-Share

What is a Park and Ride? Many Park and Rides are parking lots where people leave their cars in order to take transit. As a design challenge, they’re seen in the same vein as other parking lots. However, park and ride serves a different function than most parking lots. These