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A stone pathway edged with light bollards and red flowers is bathed in pools of light

Pathway Illuminance: Hard-Wired vs. Solar Bollard Light Fixtures

What are bollard lights? Bollard lights are short posts that provide landscape lighting along pathways and other outdoor locations. They offer safety for pedestrians and accentuate the beauty of a site. Light bollards are useful where lamp standards would be impractical or undesirable. Their low profile minimizes light pollution while

A series of bollards beside grass with silver finance bull statue behind

Architectural Bollards

Architectural bollards define perimeters and guide traffic while adding an aesthetic complement to their surroundings. In addition to being an attractive site furnishing, their functions can include: Covering anti-crash bollards Providing pathway lighting Offering variable access to a space Supporting historical designs Supporting a low fence made of chains or

A line of substantial green flex posts protect a bike lane

Extra Tough Flex Posts for Dedicated Bike Lanes

110 years ago, Ford introduced the Model-T and started a transportation revolution. The power and flexibility of movement provided by vehicles changed the design of cities. Yet cars are not universally efficient—their infrastructure is expensive to build and maintain, congestion and sprawl are common, streets are less sociable, and environmental

A diagram shows measurements needed for saw tooth bus bays including bay length and angle.

Park and Ride Design in the Age of Ride-Share

What is a Park and Ride? Many Park and Rides are parking lots where people leave their cars in order to take transit. As a design challenge, they’re seen in the same vein as other parking lots. However, park and ride serves a different function than most parking lots. These

Side by side pictures of the Toronto skyline with the CN Tower and Ottawa’s Parliament buildings

Ottawa Bollards vs. Toronto Bollards

Ontario’s two biggest cities have an ongoing friendly rivalry. Residents argue about which is the best city, in categories from restaurants to infrastructure. The competition carries into the hockey arena. Every year, the NHL promotes the Battle of Ontario when the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators square off.

An entrepreneur at a small business closes packages for shipment

MSME Day: Supporting Small Business Growth

June 27 is MSME Day—a day to celebrate and promote micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, encouraging support and investment into this sector. Small business growth is incredibly important to global economic stability and sustainability. In honor of MSME Day we take a look at some of the challenges and opportunities

Custom bollards cast to look like whale fins in Chongqing, China

Custom Bollards for Function and Form

Bollards—those short posts that guide traffic and protect perimeters—can be highly visible hazard markers. The simplest security bollards are made of yellow-painted steel pipe. Around utilities, or at drive through windows, bollards may be covered in bright plastic and ringed with strips of reflective tape. However, in more formal settings,

Row of bollards in front of building

A Guide to Bollard Spacing and Site Planning

Whether to calm traffic, protect assets, or create visual perimeters around landmarks, bollards are functional, decorative posts used in everyday environments. Bollards come in a wide variety of aesthetics, from shiny stainless steel to traditional cast iron, or can be finished with vibrant powder coating to add a pop of

A bollard stands in front of a historic fire engine in a recently renovated fire hall

A Case Study: Historic Preservation and Placemaking

Surrey firefighters have spent the past two years working on an unusual project. In a grassroots effort of historic preservation and placemaking, they’ve given Port Kells #7 Fire Hall a new lease on life. The building was constructed 1923 as an agricultural hall. After a few different leaseholders, the District

Bollards are installed into a line of yellow detectable warning plates

Bollard Installation onto Uneven Surfaces

Bollards are needed in all sorts of places where the ground is not level. In some cases, they’re used in conjunction with ramps or other access-friendly elements. In others, they’re installed to help mediate a steep grade or turn, where the risk of accident increases. To install properly on these