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An aerial shot of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

Traffic Management and Bridges

According to a 2019 report from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, there are 47,000 structurally deficient bridges across the US. A structurally deficient bridge is considered safe for public travel yet needs “urgent repairs.” To rate a bridge, engineers evaluate the condition of the deck, superstructure, substructure, and

Removable bollard using receiver with lid

Removable Bollard Receivers

Bollards are versatile applications used for security and demarcation. Bollards encourage safer spaces by protecting people and infrastructure from vehicle intrusion, but they can also be used more casually as visual guides or boundary markers. Indoors or out, they protect and guide users of the area. A wide variety of

Wood background with metal type saying 2019 Review

Best Bollards (and Hardscape) of 2019

A New Year reminds us to look back at where we’ve come and set intentions for where we’re going. Propelled by new staff and new ideas, 2019 saw a lot of changes at Reliance Foundry! In May, Brent and Brad Done retired. Shane Kramps and Pritesh Desai stepped into their

A bollard with a thick cannon-shaped base and a ringed cap sits outside a new building

Residential Bollards

Bollards are short posts that provide guidance, access control, placemaking, lighting, or security. Many types of bollards exist to fulfill these different functions. Residential bollard buyers can become confused by the range of options available. Our sales team often fields calls about the difference in price and function between our

Blue postcard image with dates of ASLA conference and suggesting readers “Visit us at booth 3150”

Making places people want to be: ASLA Expo 2019

We’re looking forward to meeting with visitors and exhibitors at the ASLA Expo held in San Diego, November 16th and 17th. Come by booth #3150 to meet our team, where we will be imagining new ways of creating attractive, safe, flexible spaces.  Come enjoy a game of bollard chess! Join

A black bollard with yellow reflective tape stands before a very blue sky

Flexible Bollards vs. Traffic Delineators

Bollards—the short posts that mark perimeters and guide traffic—are often made of steel or concrete, designed to stop a car in its tracks. Yet in some places, site planners don’t want a fixed bollard that could do vehicle damage or stop a car. Emergency vehicles may need to access a

A stone pathway edged with light bollards and red flowers is bathed in pools of light

Pathway Illuminance: Hard-Wired vs. Solar Bollard Light Fixtures

What are bollard lights? Bollard lights are short posts that provide landscape lighting along pathways and other outdoor locations. They offer safety for pedestrians and accentuate the beauty of a site. Light bollards are useful where lamp standards would be impractical or undesirable. Their low profile minimizes light pollution while

A series of bollards beside grass with silver finance bull statue behind

Architectural Bollards

Architectural bollards define perimeters and guide traffic while adding an aesthetic complement to their surroundings. In addition to being an attractive site furnishing, their functions can include: Covering anti-crash bollards Providing pathway lighting Offering variable access to a space Supporting historical designs Supporting a low fence made of chains or

A line of substantial green flex posts protect a bike lane

Extra Tough Flex Posts for Dedicated Bike Lanes

110 years ago, Ford introduced the Model-T and started a transportation revolution. The power and flexibility of movement provided by vehicles changed the design of cities. Yet cars are not universally efficient—their infrastructure is expensive to build and maintain, congestion and sprawl are common, streets are less sociable, and environmental