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Seabirds sit upon a fence with signs in Spanish and English in the ocean outside San Diego

Bollard fencing?

From patios to secure perimeters, fences, bollards, and walls are found together protecting and defining space. These elements of boundary design complement each other. Each offers different options and aesthetics. What is a bollard? Bollards are short posts generally used to guide traffic and define perimeters. They don’t create a

Bollards with red reflective tape at airport

K-rated Bollards

Look around in almost any urban setting and you’ll spot bollards: short, adaptable posts that guide traffic away from pedestrians and property, often adding architectural flair to the landscape. When made of concrete-filled steel pipe, and installed securely, these guideposts also stand guard, catching the impact of vehicles that have

Row of bollards in front of building

A Guide to Bollard Spacing and Site Planning

Whether to calm traffic, protect assets, or create visual perimeters around landmarks, bollards are functional, decorative posts used in everyday environments. Bollards come in a wide variety of aesthetics, from shiny stainless steel to traditional cast iron, or can be finished with vibrant powder coating to add a pop of

A selection of standards colors that are available for dry powder coating

Powder Coating vs Wet Paint

Surface finishing is essential for the practical use of reactive metals like ductile iron and carbon steel. When left unprotected, the iron in these metals reacts with oxygen to form rust. This means that colorful exteriors aren’t just decorative—they are functional barriers that prevent corrosion. Metal parts can be finished

A crashed truck is wrapped along its bumper with the guardrail that stopped it

Vehicle crash barriers

Roads and cars are engineered for safety. Standards make sure that performance is the same regardless of the manufacturer. In order to specify new products coming to market, a series of standards exist that describe the stopping power of various barriers and boundaries—yet there exists more than one standard to

Custom bollards cast to look like whale fins in Chongqing, China

Custom Bollards for Function and Form

Bollards—those short posts that guide traffic and protect perimeters—can be highly visible hazard markers. The simplest security bollards are made of yellow-painted steel pipe. However, in more formal settings, bollards can be chosen to complement the landscape or architecture, adding a sculptural touch. Stock decorative bollards are available in modern,

Fenway bollard impact-protective bollard installation into existing concrete

Easy Bollard Installation

Bollards are our business, but we know that for many people these short little posts can fade into the background. Being unobserved can mean being forgotten during planning, especially on tight timelines or on big projects. If concrete is arriving before the bollards can get on site, all is not

Illuminated bollards along path

Mixing Solar and Hardwired Bollard Lights

What are bollard lights? Lighted bollards combine perimeter security with wayfinding features. Like any standard bollard, lighted bollards offer safety for pedestrians by working as visual and physical barriers. However, bollard lights offer one additional feature—illumination. They light up pathways, entryways, and open spaces. Better visibility means fewer tripping hazards

Bollards near a church vs. jersey barriers between a highway and a field

Bollards vs. Jersey Barriers

The invention of the combustion engine unleashed great power for our use. We zip goods and people around the world more quickly than most of our ancestors could imagine possible. Yet the wonder of this freedom has come at a cost: greater forces in travel mean more severe accidents when

A boy wearing blue overalls and a striped shirt is caught mid-trick, hovering in the air above his turning board

Public Spaces, Skateboarding, and Urban Planning

When children latch themselves onto something active and free like skateboarding, this shouldn’t be automatically disapproved of and attempts made to shoo them out of here or there. No, [skateboarding] is a healthy thing. There are some places where that this has been recognized, good places provided to do their