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A man in a blue paper surgical mask stands near an escalator with a bollard before it.

Why are Indoor Bollards Trending?

Bollards are normally considered outdoor site furniture. Their job is to separate traffic from other zones of activity, guiding drivers and protecting pedestrians. Though bollards are common on the street, they are placed around buildings. Entrances often feature a protective line of bollards. These prevent against parking error, accidents, and

A series of colorful hawsers are draped over a staghorn bollard on a Scottish marina

Mooring Bollards

The word “bollard” probably comes from the word “bole”—as in the bole of a tree. The first reported use is from a Scottish newspaper in 1763 referencing a marine bollard, used at a dock to moor boats. The use of the word spread, and now mooring bollards are known to

Two solar bollard lights are bolted to the edge of a rocky outcropping by the ocean, waves cresting around them

Bollards with Lights

Bollard lights are short outdoor lighting fixtures mounted in the ground, standing between 24 and 52 inches tall. For public areas, heavy-duty bollards are bolted to or embedded in concrete. In private gardens, pathway lighting may install on a simple stake. Bollard lights are excellent for illuminating pathways, sidewalks, driveways,

A brown “pirate-ship” with masts for canvas sails, topped with crows’ nests, tied up by a dock

7 Types of Cannon Bollards

What do bollards have to do with cannons? A lot, it turns out. Although horse hitches, way-finding markers, and marine mooring posts have been used for thousands of years, cast iron bollards were popularized in the 18th century. A wartime practice arose of using spent or captured cannons as perimeter

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We Stand with You

Reliance Foundry’s mission is making places people want to be. We build site furnishings designed to improve shared spaces—though we recognize that public spaces are experienced differently by different people. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe as they use and enjoy their homes, public transit, parks, and

A bollard light illuminates a pathway beside a shrub in an urban environment in gathering dust

Tough Bollard Lights

Every once in a while, products amaze even the engineers that created the design. So it is with some of our bollard lights. Outdoor site furniture should make it through precipitation, rain, and human contact—but sites have different needs for durability. Even ultra-durable products are designed for the range of

Several stainless steel R-8460 bollards guard a mall plaza containing a train station with artistic mural.

Several to One: Removable Bollards Systems

Removable bollards are a style of bollard used to permit or deny access to variable-use spaces. When the bollards are present, they prevent cars and trucks from accessing a space. Site managers remove them at certain times or for specific people to grant vehicle access. When these bollards are removed,

People walk through a pedestrian square decorated with black bollards, bike racks, and lamp standards; outdoor lights glow over top

Bollard Installation: How to Install into Pavers

A few simple steps help put bollards on landscape pavers. Check out our how-tos for: Crash-rated bollards Security bollards Retractable bollards Removable bollards Bolt-down bollards It’s common for decorative bollards to be installed with stone or concrete pavers for a fully finished site look. The fine finish of cast iron

A black bollard cap shines in front of a leafy bush

Anti-Vandal Rust Prevention with IronArmor

Since our founding in 1925, Reliance Foundry has made high-quality products to stand the test of time. Steel and iron are our traditional structural materials: these metals are known for their strength and longevity. In Vancouver, where our foundry was originally located, cast iron lamp standards from our first few

Car ramming into crash-rated bollard

Decorative bollard covers beautify crash-rated bollards

Crash-rated bollards for a safer community Congested urban centers and pedestrian areas often require protection from possible vehicle intrusion. Modern city planning highlights walkability for healthier, happier communities, and put issues of safety and protection at the forefront. A standard bollard set over a security pipe serves as a visual