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A diagram shows measurements needed for saw tooth bus bays including bay length and angle.

Park and Ride Design in the Age of Ride-Share

What is a Park and Ride? Many Park and Rides are parking lots where people leave their cars in order to take transit. As a design challenge, they’re seen in the same vein as other parking lots. However, park and ride serves a different function than most parking lots. These

A wireframe bicycle sits on a globe representing world bicycle day

Celebrating World Bicycle Day

The event was designed to celebrate the health and mobility provided by the bicycle to people all over the world. In developing countries and areas without road infrastructure, the bicycle provides mobility to those who would otherwise be dependent on walking or animal transport. Bicycles are a tool of economic

A helmet lies on the ground following a collision between a cyclist and a car

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

May’s beautiful spring weather makes it a perfect time to celebrate Bike Month. People are shrugging off the cold winter months, and the spring’s cool sunny days are ideal for pedaling. Bicycling provides many benefits to the rider and to their community. It encourages a healthy population who become engaged

A cyclist sits in a park next to his bike, checking social media for cycling news on his phone and laptop.

12 Outstanding Accounts for Cycling News

When you’re a kid, a bike offers freedom, adventure, and just a touch of danger. When the demands of adult life conspire against leisure time, many give up the pastime. Responsibilities intrude. Cycling organizations have good research to show that lack of safety is one of the reasons people move

A blue bicycle covered in snow is parked at an outdoor bike rack

Winter Cycling in Montreal

Even committed cyclists are sometimes wary about getting on their bicycles in wintertime. Icy roads, piled snow, and biting winds can chill a rider’s enthusiasm to suit up and get outside. Yet once people get on their bikes in winter, they often find it less intimidating than they’d anticipated. One

Cyclists ride down a long slope through a scenic vista in Oregon.

Cycling in Oregon

The popularity of cycling in Oregon has skyrocketed over the past decade. A growing number of bicycle tourists are flocking to the state to take advantage of its beautiful scenic bikeways and well-developed urban bike lanes. Oregon recognizes cycling as an essential mode of transport, with the added benefits of

A set of circular bike racks sits on the curb of a busy street: blurred car behind.

7 Benefits of Bike-Friendly Business

Cycling is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into daily work and leisure routines. As our communities become more integrated, businesses can engage growing demographic of cyclists by providing bike-parking—which can expand an existing customer base and improve employee satisfaction. Here are 7 reasons why your commercial space needs to be

A man riding a bike waits at a light wearing a backpack and short-sleeve blue oxford shirt.

8 Tips for Biking to Work

This year, I began cycling to work. I biked to work years ago at a previous job, but after being out of the cycling game for so long, my new commute has brought its own challenges and learning experiences. In researching other bike commuters, I’ve found plenty of resources for

A Beginner’s Guide to Biking to Work

A Beginner’s Guide to Biking to Work

Thinking about cycling to work? Riding a bike is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and supports environmentally-friendly lifestyles. It’s also much cheaper than your standard automobile commute, and has many wellness benefits. So why doesn’t everyone hop on their bike each morning? The biggest deterrents for would-be cyclist commuters

Blue bike parking sign stands in foreground, cars parked in background

Bike Lockers vs Bike Racks

As the cycling industry grows, the range of cycling accessories and complementary infrastructure grows too. Modern cyclists demand more than just transport from point A to point B—we want to arrive safe, park quickly, and return to find our bike in the same condition we left it. Daily commuters, hobbyists,