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Calgary Water Centre Installs Protective Walkway Bollards

Protective bollards guide pedestrians to safe walking areas

Bollards provide stylish alternatives to protect pedestrians at the Calgary Water Centre

Protective bollards installed outside the Calgary Water Centre
R-8400 bollards installed outside the Calgary Water Centre

The Calgary Water Centre was already ahead of the game when it came to providing employees with a safe and environmentally-friendly work place. But the center recently installed new Reliance Foundry bollards, further strengthening its eco-chic reputation and commitment to the safety of its employees.

Sustainability was always at the heart of the office building’s state-of-the-art design. Home of Calgary’s Water Resources and Water Services administration, the building sports a flowing exterior that reflects the ever-running natural resource managed inside. Its construction features extensive use of recyclable materials, rainwater harvesting technology, green roofing and zero-irrigation landscaping. Sweeping window banks take full advantage of natural sunlight—lighting about 95 percent of building operations, and yearly energy savings are estimated to be about $108,000. The building was the first in Alberta to achieve a Gold certification by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

While the Calgary Water Centre has gone above and beyond to lessen its environmental impact and provide a healthy and dynamic working environment, its newest development will ensure better safety for pedestrians during the icy winter months. The center’s high, curved roof is especially susceptible to collecting frozen debris, which pose significant threats to pedestrians on paved walkways surrounding the building. A roof extension was built to direct falling snow and ice beyond pedestrian areas—but additional site furnishings were required to ensure people below kept inside safe zones—and away from falling projectiles.

Protective bollards guide pedestrians to safe walking areas
Connected bollards direct pedestrians to safe walking areas

To prevent pedestrians from entering the line of fire, the center hired Rite-Way Fencing to install Reliance Foundry’s R-7902 Steel Bollards—powder-coated in anodized silver and connected with decorative chains. These landscape additions now keep people out of harm’s way while complementing the building’s existing contemporary design scheme.

Bollards are a common means to protecting pedestrians in high-traffic areas—helping steer both cars and people away from potential accidents. Reliance Foundry offers bollards in a wide variety of colors, materials, sizes and designs, including a number of versatile mounting options. From plain and practical to landscape-enhancing design, there are bollards designed to meet every need and every budget.

For properties with existing security posts that may need a bit of a spruce-up, bollard covers can also be a valuable means to improving long-term appearances and overall lifespan. Covers can be simple, practical solutions that don’t require high costs or intrusive, labor-intensive installations.

R-8400 bollards suit the architectural design of the Calgary Water Centre
R-8400 bollards suit the Calgary Water Centre’s architectural design

Many bollards are also available with a number of different mounting options, making them easy to configure for different access requirements. Reliance Foundry offers fixed, retractable and removable mounting options. Additionally, all Reliance Foundry bollards are fully recyclable—an attractive option for eco-conscious cities such as Calgary that make concerted efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Bollards offer a simple means to meet practical safety needs by directing pedestrian and vehicle traffic—without detracting from the character or curb appeal of existing landscapes. With a variety of available styles, colors, materials and prices, there is certain to be one that meets your needs… and budget.

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