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craft beer with flavor

The Alloys of Brew

Craft beer is in a renaissance. Whether it’s home brew or a professional micro-brewery, true beer fans are starting to care more about flavor than advertising. To achieve specific flavors, professional and hobby brewers alike put time and energy into selecting ingredients: Wet or dry hopped? Base or roasted malts?

A woman sits beside her bike gazing at Quebec City.

4 Unique Bike Tour Destinations: 2020 Edition

Bicycle tourism is gaining momentum, and with good reason. Cycle tours are about so much more than just saving money on transportation. A bike offers a more intimate way to experience the places you visit. Riding past sights and shops takes longer, giving more time to see things. In small

a bike thief rides away with a second bicycle

Why Bike Theft Matters

Cities across North America have adopted policies to promote cycling to take advantage of the many positive economic, health, environmental, and social benefits of active transportation. As a result, many cities have seen unprecedented growth in their bike mode-share. The rising popularity of urban cycling is good for individuals and

Protective bollards guide pedestrians to safe walking areas

Calgary Water Centre Installs Protective Walkway Bollards

The Calgary Water Centre was already ahead of the game when it came to providing employees with a safe and environmentally-friendly work place. But the center recently installed new Reliance Foundry bollards, further strengthening its eco-chic reputation and commitment to the safety of its employees. Sustainability was always at the

Reliance Foundry bollard custom-mounted with swing gate at Central Memorial Park

Calgary’s Central Memorial Park Renovation

At the western end of Calgary’s Central Memorial Park, a lone horseman keeps watch. The immovable R.L. Boyle, honored veteran of the Boer War, and his steed stand atop their pedestal as a memorial to all Albertans who have served or given their lives in the name of freedom. Established

Retractable bollards installed in front of the Santa Monica Museum of Flying

Retractable Bollards at the Santa Monica Museum of Flying

With the recent re-opening for the Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport, local site planners have been committed to the ongoing improvement and development of the building and its surrounding landscapes. Most recently, the museum installed stainless steel retractable bollards around the building’s perimeter to restrict vehicles while ensuring access