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A view of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour shows towers of residences above a tree-lined seawall

The Case for Placemaking

The old adage says, “there are only three things that matter in real estate: location, location, location.” Of course, a home must be right-sized, comfortable, and well-built to be desirable. Yet if the location is poor, even the nicest business or residence may pique little interest. People often give up

A group of foundry workers wearing goggles stand around a ladle full of molten metal

Business Success: Saved through Innovation

Neither Brent nor Brad Done saw themselves becoming foundry men. Reliance Foundry had always been in their lives: the factory was a hot, smelly, dirty place that was equal parts proud family legacy and tough taskmaster. Their grandfather, Fred, had left the foundry to his children Brian and Barry. A

A helmet lies on the ground following a collision between a cyclist and a car

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

May’s beautiful spring weather makes it a perfect time to celebrate Bike Month. People are shrugging off the cold winter months, and the spring’s cool sunny days are ideal for pedaling. Bicycling provides many benefits to the rider and to their community. It encourages a healthy population who become engaged

Stainless steel conveyer belt made of interlocking segments shows some signs of corrosion

Maintaining your Stainless Steel

Stainless steel contains carbon, iron, and chromium. This chemistry, along with polishing and passivation steps in manufacturing, encourages the alloy to develop a chromium oxide layer. This layer is what gives the metal its prized rust resistance. Yet chromium oxide is itself a product of corrosion, a quick-forming “passive film”

Bollards are installed into a line of yellow detectable warning plates

Bollard Installation onto Uneven Surfaces

Bollards are needed in all sorts of places where the ground is not level. In some cases, they’re used in conjunction with ramps or other access-friendly elements. In others, they’re installed to help mediate a steep grade or turn, where the risk of accident increases. To install properly on these

A panorama of Seattle’s downtown showing the space needle and Mt. Rainier

West Coast Contemporary: Portland and Seattle Bollards

West Coast architectural design, popular from the Pacific Northwest down into Northern California, is an evolving vernacular architectural and decorating style. Current trends link back to Modernist architects from the 1940s who gave their young cities distinct style. Arthur Erickson in Vancouver and Pietro Belluschi in Portland were particularly influential.

A bollard lies on an angle, having been pulled from the surrounding cement

The Anatomy of a Bollard Crash

Over the past few years, bollards have become newsworthy as a strategy against terrorist attacks. In the wake of tragedies, many of the questions asked about these little traffic posts are about their inherent stopping power. Yet there are many types of bollards, and each has a different application. Even

A cyclist sits in a park next to his bike, checking social media for cycling news on his phone and laptop.

12 Outstanding Accounts for Cycling News

When you’re a kid, a bike offers freedom, adventure, and just a touch of danger. When the demands of adult life conspire against leisure time, many give up the pastime. Responsibilities intrude. Cycling organizations have good research to show that lack of safety is one of the reasons people move

A stainless steel clad modernist building with curved walls reaches towards a blue sky.

Austenitic Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is called “stainless” because of its resistance to rust. Steel contains iron and carbon in certain percentages: adding the element chromium transforms it from steel to stainless steel. Chromium oxidizes much faster than the iron in the alloy. The resulting chromium oxide seals and protects the rest of