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Two happy children play in water spray in a park filled with colorful bent tubes.

Powder Coating Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has a natural silver luster and resistance to corrosion. These qualities are what usually recommend the alloy compared to regular steel. For most customers it makes very little sense to cover the stainless in a powder coat or other finish. However, customers occasionally choose a colorful finish on

Two solar bollard lights are bolted to the edge of a rocky outcropping by the ocean, waves cresting around them

Bollards with Lights

Bollard lights are short outdoor lighting fixtures mounted in the ground, standing between 24 and 52 inches tall. For public areas, heavy-duty bollards are bolted to or embedded in concrete. In private gardens, pathway lighting may install on a simple stake. Bollard lights are excellent for illuminating pathways, sidewalks, driveways,

Two strips of tactile paving at the bottom of a two- directional ramp warn of changes in both directions.

Tenji Blocks

You’ve probably seen tenji blocks appearing with new road work in your neighborhood. They’re becoming as common a part of the hardscape as curb cuts or street signs. These new elements of the sidewalk are textured strips on the sidewalk—sometimes covered in raised dots, and sometimes striped with long, wide

Steel is made in foundries and steel mills

How is Steel Made?

According to the World Steel Association, 1869.9 million tons of steel were produced in 2019. This represents a 3.4% increase in output from 2018 and is more than double the output in 1999. The world has an ever growing need for steel. It’s used in construction, industry, and manufacturing. Being

A brown “pirate-ship” with masts for canvas sails, topped with crows’ nests, tied up by a dock

7 Types of Cannon Bollards

What do bollards have to do with cannons? A lot, it turns out. Although horse hitches, way-finding markers, and marine mooring posts have been used for thousands of years, cast iron bollards were popularized in the 18th century. A wartime practice arose of using spent or captured cannons as perimeter

Water on stone sidewalk reflects a purple building rimmed in yellow light

Trench Drain Systems

Trench drains are small channels that move standing water from surfaces. Outside, trench drain systems often manage stormwater runoff. Small drains are also used to capture splashes and drips around pools and water features. Trench is often installed when standing water becomes an issue due to landscape, hardscape, land use,

Black U-racks are installed in an L shape around a bush in front of a school, several bikes locked to them

School Bike Racks

School upgrades give designers a chance to think about how built environment affects behavior. People choose activities when they have resources supporting these choices: so it is with active transportation. Lack of safe cycling or walking infrastructure is a discouragement on busy roads. Seeing this, many municipalities are working to

Multiracial Couple Holding Hands Together In Love. White And Black

We Stand with You

Reliance Foundry’s mission is making places people want to be. We build site furnishings designed to improve shared spaces—though we recognize that public spaces are experienced differently by different people. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe as they use and enjoy their homes, public transit, parks, and

A bollard light illuminates a pathway beside a shrub in an urban environment in gathering dust

Tough Bollard Lights

Every once in a while, products amaze even the engineers that created the design. So it is with some of our bollard lights. Outdoor site furniture should make it through precipitation, rain, and human contact—but sites have different needs for durability. Even ultra-durable products are designed for the range of