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Classic bollards alongside one another at an outlet mall in Florida

4 Traditional Ductile Iron Classic Bollards

Classic bollards have come to be synonymous with classical architecture. From the Gene Snyder Courthouse in Louisville, Kentucky to ancient European churches, you will notice that installing bollards helps sites welcome and protect their visitors. These decorative bollards are often placed around church entrances and corners to provide a sense

Metal type saying 2020! with blurry metal type in the background

Best Bollards and Hardscape of 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. At Reliance Foundry, we know our challenges have not been like those people working in the public. We have been awed by and grateful for all the phenomenal strength and commitment of first responders and essential workers. Those of us

A mom and child sit on a backless park bench sharing a snack with their parcels spread around them.

A Guide to Park Benches (for Thriving Neighborhoods)

A house is a home when there is a warm, inviting living space to settle into. Surveys show that Americans make the sofa the center of this space. Sofas are the article of furniture households are most willing to spend money on. A couch invites and relaxes and gives a

A bollard with a small microphone embedded stands beside a chain link fence by a construction site

Smart Cities, Smart Procurement

Cast iron is a traditional material known for longevity and strength—it’s not generally associated with the information age. However, in a smart city, traditional castings can become the vehicle for modern innovations. Traditional municipal castings can be transformed into internet-of-things (IoT) devices. A smart manhole, trash bin, or bollard watches

A cyclist rides on a street canopied by mature deciduous trees in fall colors

How To: Grow an Urban Tree Canopy

Urban tree canopy is of increasing importance in cities all over the world. As climate events become more common, trees help moderate their effect. They clean and cool air, manage water, prevent erosion, and manage the urban heat sink. And those are just some of the benefits of trees. Creating

A man’s hand on a steering wheel as he drives into a parking lot

Traffic Control Devices for Facilities

When setting up a large campus, facility, or parking lot, traffic safety falls to the site planner. Excellent traffic control is important from circulation to signage. Thankfully, most facilities manage slower speeds than those on public roads and highways, which lowers risk. On the other hand, people and cars may

A closeup shot of a wet storm drain grate at night, black but reflecting lights in the background

A Guide to Storm Drain Grates

Cities and counties are managing more water than ever, as hardscape covers more surface area and flash flooding becomes more common. Modern bioswale practices are changing how water management is done for the better. Softscape systems can increase rates of groundwater replenishment and offer a host of other benefits—but sewers

A heavy yellow machine sits atop a platform with raised rails in an abandoned factory.

Using Industrial Track Wheels

Factories, mills, and warehouses often must move materials horizontally over predictable pathways. With large loads and sporadic movement, transfer carts on rails provide efficient transport. Rails offer less friction than many other contrivances. A rail system also can run without either driver or specialized AI. It will move only along

Solar bollard lights along a pathway

Solar Bollard Lights: Landscape Trash or Treasure?

Solar bollard lights offer features that make them a landscape treasure, even for designers not motivated by sustainability. The most obvious feature is that they do not incur ongoing electrical costs. Less known is that installation offers additional, immediate cost savings: no trenching or utilities boxes are necessary. Solar bollards

A drill bit bites into a piece of metal and a curl of metal is pulled away

Tool Steel: Steel that Gets Things Done

What is tool steel? Tool steels are exceptionally hard, tough, or wear-resistant alloys. Their properties come from both their chemistry and their production. As their name intimates, these steels are ready to work cutting, grinding, drilling, punching, striking, or doing other tough jobs. Tool steels must have the right material