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Interactive infographic showing state by state architect salaries and job opportunities.

Architect Salary and Job Opportunities by the Numbers

As makers of site furnishings, hardscape, and traffic management, we are often specified by architects. With every group of customers that we work with, we stay abreast of the trends and frustrations that make up their working lives, in order to provide better service. In the course of this research,

Water gushes through a shining trench drain

Commercial Trench Drain in Warehouses

Industrial trench drains are installed to help manage run-off in parking lots, warehouses, and factories. Cast iron is the most common type of metal used in trench grate and trench drain in commercial installations. It is low-maintenance and can stand up under the load of heavy machinery. Why install commercial

A stone pathway edged with light bollards and red flowers is bathed in pools of light

Pathway Illuminance: Hard-Wired vs. Solar Bollard Light Fixtures

What are bollard lights? Bollard lights are short posts that provide landscape lighting along pathways and other outdoor locations. They offer safety for pedestrians and accentuate the beauty of a site. Light bollards are useful where lamp standards would be impractical or undesirable. Their low profile minimizes light pollution while

A warehouse moves goods using a track and wheel system

Planned Obsolescence vs. Sustainability

Once upon a time, most machines were built to last a lifetime. Moving parts were expected to wear, but repair was an expected part of the life cycle. Trends and innovations might arise that would be more appealing but there were always those loyal to their original choice. For the

A series of bollards beside grass with silver finance bull statue behind

Architectural Bollards

Architectural bollards define perimeters and guide traffic while adding an aesthetic complement to their surroundings. In addition to being an attractive site furnishing, their functions can include: Covering anti-crash bollards Providing pathway lighting Offering variable access to a space Supporting historical designs Supporting a low fence made of chains or

Urban trees with decorative lights at night

How to select the best trees for sidewalks and tree grates

What are street trees? Green landscaping adds color and texture into urban communities by using organic elements, providing relief from an otherwise built-out city environment. Street trees and other softscape elements are value-adding community features that increase greenspace, reduce air pollution, provide shade, and maintain ecological balance. From an aesthetic

A clickable image map showing possible infrastructure improvements

Neighborhood revitalization

Engaged and active neighborhoods have streets that answer the needs of their community. There is no single way to revitalize an empty downtown strip or create a new vibrant district. Every community’s needs are different. However, when there are infrastructure dollars available, municipalities can make smart investments to support the

A glowing crucible of molten iron is being cast in a foundry

Ductile Iron vs. Cast Iron

When choosing an iron alloy for a casting, a metallurgist considers the budget, required mechanical properties, and post-casting steps like machining and heat treatment. These requirements decide what alloy to use. These days, the biggest choice is between ductile iron vs. cast iron. Technically, “cast iron” suggests iron alloys that

A brown cast iron trench grate sits beside a curb under a lump of snow

Trench Drains

Good drainage systems are important, especially as flood events become more common. Water management over large areas is best done through green-space, bioswales, permeable hardscape, and the maintenance of permeable soil profiles. However, where groundwaters cannot absorb rain or melt quickly enough, run-off occurs. In the natural world, sloped areas

A line of substantial green flex posts protect a bike lane

Extra Tough Flex Posts for Dedicated Bike Lanes

110 years ago, Ford introduced the Model-T and started a transportation revolution. The power and flexibility of movement provided by vehicles changed the design of cities. Yet cars are not universally efficient—their infrastructure is expensive to build and maintain, congestion and sprawl are common, streets are less sociable, and environmental