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Stainless steel industrial kitchen

Steel vs. Stainless Steel

Steel and stainless steel are both reliable metals found in a wide range of products, from substantial applications to very small parts. So, which one is better? The answer is “it depends!” Steel’s affordability makes it an ideal metal for many projects. It’s typically used in infrastructure, ships, appliances, weapons,

An aerial shot of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

Traffic Management and Bridges

According to a 2019 report from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, there are 47,000 structurally deficient bridges across the US. A structurally deficient bridge is considered safe for public travel yet needs “urgent repairs.” To rate a bridge, engineers evaluate the condition of the deck, superstructure, substructure, and

A heavy rain sees water cascading from eaves and tree branches

Trench Drains for Driveways

Managing rain, storm, and flood water is a growing concern for homeowners in changing local climate. Rot and structural damage can result when water management systems are overwhelmed. And there is more water to manage. Flood events are increasing. Heavy precipitation is up. Considering these stresses, municipal downspout disconnection laws

A picture of city street with bike and bus lanes

Vision Zero

In 2016, 1.35 million people died and 500 million were injured in road traffic accidents, according to a study by the World Health Organization. Globally, crashes involving a vehicle are the leading cause of death for young people aged 5-29 years. The trends for fatalities and injuries are different between

Removable bollard using receiver with lid

Removable Bollard Receivers

Bollards are versatile applications used for security and demarcation. Bollards encourage safer spaces by protecting people and infrastructure from vehicle intrusion, but they can also be used more casually as visual guides or boundary markers. Indoors or out, they protect and guide users of the area. A wide variety of

Wood background with metal type saying 2019 Review

Best Bollards (and Hardscape) of 2019

A New Year reminds us to look back at where we’ve come and set intentions for where we’re going. Propelled by new staff and new ideas, 2019 saw a lot of changes at Reliance Foundry! In May, Brent and Brad Done retired. Shane Kramps and Pritesh Desai stepped into their

An ancient roman road and arch still stands in the Aosta valley in Italy

The History of Infrastructure

Infrastructure builds connections between human groups or activities. With infrastructure, people can work together and provide specialized services to one another. In this way, robust infrastructure supports complex societies. Some of the earliest infrastructure projects were roads. Nomadic hunter-gatherer populations were builders—creating monuments of complexity like barrow mounds, stone tombs,

An aerial view of a highway at night gleams with the streaked lights of moving cars

What is Infrastructure?

The term “infrastructure” has traditionally referred to the roads, sewers, and other physical systems that connect different parts of a society and support its functioning. Often,  we talk of infrastructure projects as “shovels in the ground.” We picture construction workers and specialized machinery working to build and maintain connections and

Colorful container ships sit in a busy port at sunrise

Supply Chain Jobs: Procurement, Logistics, and Management

What is a supply chain? A supply chain is a system that brings inputs from different places—raw materials, people, information, and services—and creates a finished output for a consumer. In a supply chain, materials are gathered, processed, shipped, received, synthesized, and delivered as a final product. Many people involved in

Skyscrapers reflect the images of a forest of trees

Urban Sustainability

Sustainability has been a part of North America’s cultural, political, and economic landscape for more than forty years. It’s been a marketing buzzword for some, a guiding principle for others, and an elusive goal for many. Sustainability seeks to bring resource consumption and resource replenishment into balance. Our booming human