An image of a stainless steel bollard being cleaned

How to Clean Stainless Steel and Prevent Corrosion

Stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance, but regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to preserve its appearance and functionality. Without proper care, it can suffer from oxidation, corrosion, rusting, or staining, particularly in harsh environments. Learn effective cleaning methods and passivating treatments to protect stainless steel surfaces and ensure their longevity.

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Un poste con un ojo de cerradura y una tira reflectora que dice “Reliance Foundry” protege un callejón cerrado con linternas colgadas a través de él.

Mejorar el paisaje urbano de Vancouver

En el corazón del centro de Vancouver, en medio de las bulliciosas calles de la ciudad y los lugares vívidos de interés, los postes de Reliance Foundry juegan un papel crucial. Estos Postes no solo gestionan el tráfico y protegen a los peatones, sino que también contribuyen significativamente a la organización del paisaje urbano. Desde los lugares icónicos a lo largo de Granville Street hasta las serenas plazas que rodean la Galería de Arte de Vancouver, nuestros postes garantizan la seguridad y mantienen la coherencia estética.

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El Cyclone Bike Locker R-8287 instalado en una zona de aparcamiento

Ciclismo seguro

A medida que el ciclismo urbano continúa aumentando, la necesidad de soluciones seguras de estacionamiento de bicicletas se vuelve cada vez más crítica. Los ciclistas se enfrentan a numerosos desafíos para encontrar lugares seguros y confiables para guardar sus bicicletas. En Ámsterdam, por ejemplo, el 63 por ciento de los ciudadanos van en bicicleta a diario, lo que subraya la importancia de las soluciones eficaces de almacenamiento de bicicletas en las ciudades.

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The R-8287 Cyclone Bike Locker installed in a parking area

Secure Cycling

As urban cycling continues to rise, the need for secure bike parking solutions becomes increasingly critical. Cyclists face numerous challenges in finding safe and reliable places to store their bikes. Amsterdam, for example, 63 percent of citizens cycle daily, underscoring the importance of effective bike storage solutions in cities.

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Reliance Foundry’s R-7536 decorative bollards line the entranceway for the Tyle Texas Church

Elevating Urban Charm

In contemporary urban design, decorative bollards provide critical functionality while enhancing the visual appeal of streetscapes. This dual role not only contributes to the safety and order of urban environments but also elevates their aesthetic value, making cities more inviting and livable. Let’s explore how decorative bollards achieve this blend of beauty and utility.

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Une borne avec un trou de serrure et une bande disant que la fonderie Reliance garde une ruelle fermée avec des lanternes enfilées à travers elle

Améliorer le paysage urbain de Vancouver

Au cœur du centre-ville de Vancouver, au milieu des rues animées et des points de repère dynamiques de la ville, les bornes de Reliance Foundry jouent un rôle crucial. Ces bornes gèrent non seulement la circulation et protègent les piétons, mais contribuent également de manière significative à l’organisation du paysage urbain. Des lieux emblématiques le long de la rue Granville aux esplanades sereines entourant la Vancouver Art Gallery, nos bornes assurent la sécurité et maintiennent la cohérence esthétique.

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A bollard with a keyhole and a strip saying Reliance foundry guards a closed alleyway with lanterns strung across it

Enhancing Vancouver’s Urban Landscape

In the heart of Downtown Vancouver, amidst the city’s bustling streets and vibrant landmarks, Reliance Foundry’s bollards play a crucial role. These bollards not only manage traffic and protect pedestrians but also contribute significantly to the urban landscape’s organization. From the iconic venues along Granville Street to the serene plazas surrounding the Vancouver Art Gallery, our bollards ensure safety and maintain aesthetic coherence.

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A selection of Reliance Foundry's newest lighted bollards on an orange background

Lighting the Way

At Reliance Foundry, we understand that safety and design are paramount in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. That’s why we’re excited to showcase our range of LED bollards that not only illuminate pathways and landscapes but also enhance them through innovative design and technology.

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Eco-friendly recycled plastic chairs arranged in a stadium

Sustainable Spaces

Every year, approximately 300 million tons of plastic waste is generated globally, yet less than 10% of this staggering amount is recycled. This not only poses a pressing environmental challenge but also presents a significant opportunity for innovative repurposing. Recycled plastic is emerging as a preferred material in modern site furnishings, offering a sustainable solution.

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Rueda de acero fundido de doble brida R-3561 de Reliance Foundry

Rodando hacia el futuro

Desde las primeras civilizaciones hasta el mundo actual de alta velocidad e impulsado por la eficiencia, las ruedas han desempeñado un papel fundamental en el desarrollo humano. Hoy en día, la innovación en el diseño de ruedas es más crítica que nunca, ya que las industrias modernas exigen una mayor durabilidad y flexibilidad.

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Reliance Foundry's R-3561 double flanged cast steel wheel

Rolling Into The Future

From the earliest civilizations to today’s high-speed, efficiency-driven world, wheels and casters have played a pivotal role in human development. Today, innovation in wheel and caster design is more critical than ever, with modern industries demanding higher durability and flexibility.

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Dusk setting over a modern building with a lit pathway lined with tall grass and bollard lights.

Safety in The Spotlight

The deployment of lit bollards provides an optimal solution, offering not just illumination but also a beacon of reassurance. These luminous guardians stand at the intersection of practical safety measures and psychological comfort, casting their light on the dual facets of urban well-being.

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Vista del atardecer de una bulliciosa calle de la ciudad con gente sentada en bancos y postes iluminados Reliance Foundry R-6321 Elysium instalados a lo largo de la pasarela para la seguridad de los peatones.

Iluminando el camino

En paisajes urbanos dinámicos, los postes de luz se erigen como faros de innovación, fusionando la practicidad con la expresión artística para enriquecer nuestros paisajes nocturnos. Estos componentes fundamentales hacen más que iluminar las vías; expanden el potencial para crear espacios acogedores y vibrantes que resuenan con las comunidades que los habitan.

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Sunset view of a bustling city street with people sitting on benches and Reliance Foundry R-6321 Elysium lit bollards installed along the walkway for pedestrian safety.

Illuminating the Path

In dynamic urban landscapes, lit bollards stand as beacons of innovation, merging practicality with artistic expression to enrich our nightscapes. These pivotal components do more than illuminate pathways; they unlock the potential to craft welcoming, vibrant spaces that resonate with the communities they inhabit.

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A modern stainless steel bike rack shaped like a bicycle.

Transforming Cityscapes

By re-envisioning bike racks as elements of urban art, municipalities can transform essential infrastructure into icons of a modern, cycling-friendly community, encouraging more urban dwellers to choose pedals over petrol. This article delves into how innovative bike rack designs can be integrated into the urban fabric, beautifying cityscapes, and championing a healthier, more sustainable mode of transportation.

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El Science World de Vancouver y el BC Place Stadium iluminados por la noche.

Luces de poste y cumplimiento de cielo oscuro

La contaminación lumínica es un problema ambiental cada vez mayor que afecta no solo nuestra capacidad de admirar el cielo nocturno, sino que también tiene profundos impactos en los ecosistemas y la salud humana. En este artículo, profundizamos en el papel de los postes compatibles con Dark Sky (cielo oscuro) y la iluminación de caminos Dark Sky para mitigar este problema. Estas soluciones ofrecen un enfoque sostenible para reducir la contaminación lumínica en entornos urbanos y arquitectónicos, proporcionando una iluminación esencial al tiempo que preservan el cielo nocturno.

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