Sunset view of a bustling city street with people sitting on benches and Reliance Foundry R-6321 Elysium lit bollards installed along the walkway for pedestrian safety.

Illuminating the Path

In dynamic urban landscapes, lit bollards stand as beacons of innovation, merging practicality with artistic expression to enrich our nightscapes. These pivotal components do more than illuminate pathways; they unlock the potential to craft welcoming, vibrant spaces that resonate with the communities they inhabit.

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A modern stainless steel bike rack shaped like a bicycle.

Transforming Cityscapes

By re-envisioning bike racks as elements of urban art, municipalities can transform essential infrastructure into icons of a modern, cycling-friendly community, encouraging more urban dwellers to choose pedals over petrol. This article delves into how innovative bike rack designs can be integrated into the urban fabric, beautifying cityscapes, and championing a healthier, more sustainable mode of transportation.

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El Science World de Vancouver y el BC Place Stadium iluminados por la noche.

Luces de poste y cumplimiento de cielo oscuro

La contaminación lumínica es un problema ambiental cada vez mayor que afecta no solo nuestra capacidad de admirar el cielo nocturno, sino que también tiene profundos impactos en los ecosistemas y la salud humana. En este artículo, profundizamos en el papel de los postes compatibles con Dark Sky (cielo oscuro) y la iluminación de caminos Dark Sky para mitigar este problema. Estas soluciones ofrecen un enfoque sostenible para reducir la contaminación lumínica en entornos urbanos y arquitectónicos, proporcionando una iluminación esencial al tiempo que preservan el cielo nocturno.

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A night shot of R-6301 Austin Lighted Bollards installed at a public facility downtown

Shedding Light on Urban Safety

In urban design, balancing safety with aesthetic appeal is a crucial challenge. Lit bollards are key to this balance, offering not just practical safety features but also enhancing the visual appeal of a space. These illuminated fixtures guide traffic, protect pedestrians, and create a sense of security with their effective lighting.

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Reliance Foundry Halvard Crash-Rated Bollards and R-7307 covers installed on a sidewalk

New Year, New Boundaries

In a constantly evolving urban landscape, the need for robust security measures is more pressing than ever. Amidst this backdrop, crash-rated bollards play a pivotal role far beyond their unassuming appearance. These structures serve as a crucial barrier, offering robust protection in an era increasingly concerned with mitigating the risks of vehicular threats.

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Vancouver's Science World and BC Place Stadium illuminated at night.

Lit Bollards and Dark Sky Compliance

Light pollution is an escalating environmental issue that affects not just our ability to admire the night sky, but also has profound impacts on ecosystems and human health. In this piece, we delve into the role of Dark Sky compliant bollards and Dark Sky path lighting in mitigating this issue. These solutions offer a sustainable approach to reduce light pollution in urban and architectural settings, providing essential illumination while preserving the night sky.

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Storefront with shattered window reflecting a police car, indicating a recent ram-raid incident.

The New Age of Property Crime

In today’s landscape, where property crimes are on a steady rise, businesses and public facilities are increasingly confronted with a daunting and destructive threat—the ram-raid. We’ll discuss the various strategies used to prevent these aggressive assaults, including the strategic implementation of crash-rated bollards, a proven and formidable line of defense. By delving into the nuances of security architecture and highlighting the role of well-designed, crash-rated bollards, this article aims to equip businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their premises.

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Reliance Foundry R-8707 tree grate installed at the Lambeau Field Atrium

Enhancing Urban Greenery

In urban planning, integrating trees into design is a cornerstone for building sustainable and aesthetically pleasing cities. But because trees are living organisms, it is important to protect them and their soil from urban life. To that end, tree grates are essential components that not only preserve trees but also enhance the overall safety and appeal of city walkways.

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Etapas del óxido

Cuando se produce la oxidación, la superficie del metal forma una cascarilla que se oscurece hasta formar una pátina. La aleación en cuestión determinará si la corrosión es invasiva o no. En el hierro fundido, el óxido -un óxido ferroso- puede formar una capa fina protectora contra las picaduras.

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Reliance Foundry bollards installed at Fenway Park

Caring for Outdoor Metal Furnishings

Essential for both design and functionality, metal site furnishings like benches, bollards, bike racks, and garbage bins play a key role in creating organized, accessible, and inviting outdoor spaces. However, they are continuously exposed to a variety of environmental factors such as rain, snow, UV rays, and pollution, which can significantly diminish their longevity and affect their appearance.

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A brightly lit restaurant with chandeliers and an ocean view

Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design serves as an art form that elevates aesthetic allure, optimizes functionality, and crafts an inviting atmosphere. This guide ventures deep into the nuanced world of architectural lighting and explores its potential to enhance a space when combined with site furnishings.

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