Bike Parking


$1,282 or less

Bike Bollard
Material: Ductile Iron
Height: 39"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 10-3/4"


$690 or less

Bike Bollard
Material: Steel
Height: 36"


$727 or less

Bike Bollard
Material: Steel
Height: 36"


$751 or less

Bike Bollard
Material: Ductile Iron
Height: 40-1/2"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 4-1/2"


$1,178 or less

Bike Bollard
Material: Steel
Height: 44"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 10-3/4"
USD $1,527.00


$1,527 or less

Bike Locker
Material: Polyethylene
Height: 48"
Length: 80"

Receiver R-7911-R with Lid

$368 or less

Height: 12"

Bike/Lifting Arm - Powder Coated


USD $133.00

Bike/Lifting Arm - Stainless Steel


USD $4.00

Chain - 1 Ft


USD $2.44

Chain Eye


USD $232.00

R-7950 Fold Down Mount - Galvanized

$232 or less

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Secure bicycle parking for commercial spaces

Ensure convenient access and secure storage for cyclists, while encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles in your neighborhood and community. Proper bike storage helps organize urban spaces—avoiding clutter and damage to trees, traffic signs, fences, and other streetscape features. Effective bike parking can also support a valuable customer base for businesses. Install bike storage facilities at:

  • Commercial retail locations
  • Multi-family residential buildings
  • Public schools
  • University and college campuses
  • Parks
  • Streetscapes and sidewalks
  • Indoor and outdoor parking lots and garages
  • Other public spaces

Bike Racks

Clean, modern bike racks add sustainability and convenience to any location. Bike racks are available in powder-coated steel or stainless steel and hold 2–7 bikes.

Bike Bollards

Simple and effective, bike bollards offer the functionality of regular bollards, with the added ability to provide short-term parking for up to two bicycles.

Bike Lockers

For locations requiring medium- to long-term bike storage, bike lockers are the perfect solution. Protect bikes, helmets, and other belongings from tampering, weathering, and theft with fully-enclosed plastic bike lockers.

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