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A row of security bollards by reliance foundry, fitted with steel covers, is shown protecting the entrance to a store.

Steel Bollard Posts

Find out how Reliance Foundry’s steel pipe bollards can be used to increase pedestrian safety and improve perimeter security.

different sizes of steel bollard posts

What is a steel bollard post?

Steel bollards are short posts that are designed to guide traffic prevent vehicle incursion. They are composed of ASTM 500 B structural grade steel and embedded in a concrete substrate to provide a high level of impact resistance. During installation their interior is also filled with concrete for additional support. Reliance Foundry’s steel pipe bollards are delivered standard with red primer but additional elemental protection is usually required. Most often, they are painted but they are also frequently fit with plastic or metal covers that enhance their decorative value. Steel bollard posts are commonly installed in parking areas to protect pedestrians or in front retail buildings to prevent “ram-raid” burglaries. They are also a commonly-used device in perimeter security applications where they help to establish safe zones around areas where illegal vehicle incursion poses a greater threat. When planning an installation, an engineer should always be consulted to ensure that the steel pipe bollards will deliver the level of impact resistance required for the application.

How are steel bollard posts installed?

There are several different variations of installation but all steel pipe bollards are embedded in concrete substrate. If they are to be installed on an existing concrete surface, an installation hole must be dug. The hole is usually dug to the depth of the area’s frost line and this measurement can be determined by contacting the local building inspection department. The hole is dug with a diameter that is at least 6’ wider than that of steel bollard post. After the hole is created, the pipe is placed inside and the concrete is poured. The hole is filled along with the interior of the steel bollard post to increase the level of impact resistance it will provide. The physical dimensions of the piping along with the process used to install it and the substrate in which it is set will all affect the level of impact resistance a steel pipe bollard will provide. An engineer should always be consulted to determine if a bollard will provide the necessary level of impact resistance required for a specific site. Installation does not end after the pipe bollard is set in the substrate and the concrete has cured, steps must also be taken to protect and beautify the post. Most commonly, steel bollard posts are painted various models of covers are also available. Decorative iron post covers can help to integrate steel pipe bollards into refined architectural schemes while economical plastic covers increase their visibility. Both solutions will protect steel pipe bollards from the damage of typical North American climates.

steel bollard pipes stacked on pallets at Reliance Foundry
workers installing steel bollard posts outside a store
steel bollard post fit with Reliance Foundry’s model R-7744 metal covers outside a store

How are steel bollard posts serviced?

Steel bollard posts offer a great deal of structural durability but, being composed of steel, they are subject to rust. This becomes a greater threat in areas that are subject to heavy rain or snowfalls and in areas where de-icing salts are frequently used. If oxidization is not treated it may eventually compromise the structural integrity of the bollard. The most common form of elemental protection applied to steel bollards is paint but paint will frequently blister, chip and fade. In most applications, painted pipe bollards will require annual recoating and re-scraping. To provide the highest level of protection, a steel bollard post can be fit with a plastic sleeve or metal post cover to prevent oxidization and help the device maintain a vibrant appearance. Metal post covers increase aesthetic value and they can be used blend security bollards into more refined architectural schemes. They are easy to maintain and available in both functional and decorative designs. For mild cleaning they can be simply rinsed with water and for tougher-to-remove dirt, they can be wiped with soap. It is important to note that any cleaning agent used on a metal bollard cover must be rinsed away after use.

Where can steel bollard posts be purchased?

Reliance Foundry offers four of the most commonly installed sizes of steel pipe bollard. Standard models are shipped with a coat of red primer but specialized finishes, like galvanization, are also available for large orders. All of Reliance Foundry’s steel bollard posts are created from ASTM 500 B structural steel and all stand 7’ high. For specialized applications, Reliance Foundry can also cut the piping to the exact requirements of specific applications. Models are offered with diameters that range from 4½” to 10¾” and wall thicknesses that range from 0.237” to 0.365”. All of Reliance Foundry’s steel pipe bollards are kept in stock and are available for immediate shipment from a centrally-located US facility. Find out how Reliance Foundry’s steel bollard posts can increase pedestrian safety and improve perimeter security at your site!

Please note that Reliance Foundry does not market its products for use in specific applications and makes no claims to the level of impact resistance provided by its steel bollard posts. If you have questions on the level of impact resistance required for your application, an engineer should be consulted.