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Stainless steel retractable bollards by Reliance Foundry are shown in a parking lot where they have been used to create a stylistic perimeter.

Retractable Bollards

Reliance Foundry’s line of retractable bollards offers a sleek solution for changing access.

Innovative and easy to operate, retractable bollards bring both convenience and elegance to any site’s changing access requirements. When erected, a retractable bollard deters entry to restricted areas. When lowered, it allows temporary vehicular access and because retractable bollards telescope into the ground, no additional storage space is ever required.


Reliance Foundry’s collapsible bollards are designed in functional styles that are easy to handle and create a modern aesthetic.

Architecturally Versatile

The unadorned, contemporary style of Reliance Foundry’s retractable security bollards coincides with most forms of architecture.


Whether powder-coated or bare stainless steel, Retractable Bollards by reliance foundry offer industry leading durability that stands up in the harshest environments.

Innovative and Sleek

Exclusive, no nonsense mounting systems are durable, easy to use and provide a finish that looks good whether the bollard is collapsed or raised.

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