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Flexible Bollards

Reliance Foundry’s flexible bollard solutions offer a balance of rigidly and flexibility that is ideal for many traffic applications.

car striking flexible bollard

What is a flexible bollard?

Flexible bollards are traffic guidance devices that will bend up to 90° when struck by an errant vehicle. They do not have the ability to physically stop a car but, after being hit, they will return to their upright position. The balance of rigidity and flexibility that they offer makes them ideal for marking out intended traffic routes. To create these traffic-friendly bollards, Reliance Foundry uses a proprietary material, known as “Blendtec®” that contains no metal reinforcements. During the manufacturing process, the Blendtec® is heated to liquid form and the desired color is added. This allows the color to transfuse through the entirety of the material used to create the flexible bollard. Because color permeates through the Blendtec®, the interior of the bollard is the same color as the exterior, making any future scratches, scrapes, dings and dents less noticeable. After the color is added, the liquefied material is then poured into molds. Once cooled, the mold is removed and the bollard is treated with a UV-resistant powder-coating. Upon request Reliance Foundry can also add two 2” (5cm) wide reflective strips or, in some cases, customized city coat of arms.

Flexible bollard history and use

Though it was only within the last 15 years that bollards became Reliance Foundry’s main focus, the company has supplied cast metal bollards for traffic control applications since 1927. This experience has given the professionals at Reliance Foundry knowledge of both the site furnishing industry and the demands of contemporary streetscapes. Reliance Foundry’s sales force knew that steel and ductile bollards are ideal for most sidewalks, storefronts and parking lots but they also recognized that many applications required a specialized solution. Many applications called for a traffic-friendly bollard that could serve as a visual signal to prevent cars from switching lanes while posing little physical threat to the vehicles. In the Fall of 2010, the management of Reliance Foundry approached the Spanish manufacturing company, Anortech, to investigate the opportunity of bringing traffic-friendly flexible bollards to North America. An agreement was reached and, since being brought to North America, these flexible bollards have become the staple of many traffic applications. They are commonly used in many lane delineation projects, including bike lane designation and entrance-marking at toll booths. They are also often seen near stadiums and in airport parking areas where they designate intended traffic routes.

Model R-8302 flexible bollards on the side of a roadway
a hand pulling on flexible bollard showing it bend
Flexible bollards in a parkade

How are flexible bollards Installed?

Reliance Foundry’s flexible bollards can be easily installed with three different types of mounting hardware. Most often, they are surface mounted with concrete inserts and lug bolts. In this installation method, the bollards are place in their desired position and holes that correspond to those found on each bollard’s flange are marked and drilled. Concrete inserts are then dropped into the holes and bolts, fitted with washers, are used to secure the flexible bollard’s flange to the concrete surface. Reliance foundry also offers flexible bollard models that can be embedded in new concrete surfaces. To install bollards in a concrete surface, they are first set in place and concrete is poured around the bollard’s base. After being allowed to cure for an appropriate length of time, the bollards become permanently fixed and their surrounding area can be opened to traffic. Another of Reliance Foundry’s unique installation methods allows flexible bollards to become temporarily removable. This is an ideal solution for traffic applications where access needs may fluctuate. With a sleek and efficient key box receiver, the flexible bollard can be removed by simply inserting a key and lifting the bollard. When installed, the flexible bollard will designate intended traffic routes and, when removed, it can allow temporary access to maintenance, delivery or emergency vehicles.

How are they maintained?

Reliance Foundry’s bollards are extremely durable and can be subjected to numerous impacts without showing signs of physical wear or being damaged. Because the same color extends through the bollard’s entire material, any potential scratches, scuffs and chips will not be easily noticed. Flexible bollards require little in terms of upkeep but regular inspections should be performed. Dirt and debris should be removed as soon as they are noticed. In most cases, flexible bollards be cleaned through a rinsing of hose water but for more set-in stains, a mild soap and cloth can also be used. Graffiti can be removed select biodegradable graffiti cleaning sprays or graffiti removal wipes. It is important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that the graffiti removal system will not damage composite polymer plastic. It is also important to rinse soap and graffiti removing agents after washing to avoid staining the flexible bollard. Scratches and scrapes that are too severe may require replacement of the bollard. In the event that reflective striping is somehow removed from the flexible bollard, replacements can be ordered through Reliance Foundry’s Sales Department.

Where can flexible bollards be purchased?

Reliance Foundry supplies over 10 models of flexible bollards. Both decoratively and functionally-designed models are available and each model is available in 10 different color options. For the functionally styled models, reflective striping can be ordered in one of three standard colors. Flexible bollards by Reliance Foundry are economically-priced and every model is kept in stock, available to ship within one business day. All models are traffic-friendly and ideal for both vehicular and bicycle lane delineation. Reliance Foundry’s flexible bollards have become a staple of many common traffic applications. View the catalog of flexible bollard solutions, to find the perfect model for your site.