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All Steel Pipe Bollards

Reliance Foundry presents an in-stock line of standard-sized security pipe bollards

Steel bollard posts are commonly installed in parking areas to protect pedestrians, along buildings to prevent building damage, in traffic areas to segregate traffic and in front of retail buildings to prevent smash and grab (ram-raid) burglaries where thieves drive right through the front window or entrance. They are used often in perimeter security applications to establish safe zones around areas where illegal vehicle incursion poses a threat. All models stand 7 feet tall and are shipped standard with a coat of red primer (grey primer is also available). Upon request Reliance Foundry can also cut steel pipe bollards to the exact specifications of every project. All standard models are kept in stock and will ship within 7-10 business days from a centrally-located US stocking location.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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5 – 9$53.30
10 – 24$51.30
25 – 49$49.20
50 – 99$48.20
100 +$47.20
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5 – 9$105.30
10 – 24$101.30
25 – 49$97.20
50 – 99$95.20
100 +$93.20
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5 – 9$162.50
10 – 24$156.30
25 – 49$150.00
50 – 99$146.90
100 +$143.80
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5 – 9$232.70
10 – 24$223.80
25 – 49$214.80
50 – 99$210.30
100 +$205.90

Compare all steel security bollards

Bollard Model Schedule Diameter Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
R-1007-04 40 4" 4.5" 0.237"
R-1007-06 40 6" 6.625" 0.28"
R-1007-08 40 8" 8.625" 0.322"
R-1007-10 40 10" 10.75" 0.365"

What are steel security bollards?

Steel bollards are the mainstay of perimeter security and traffic guidance. In basic terms, they are steel pipes that are embedded into concrete to provide a high level of impact resistance. When installed, these bollard posts are embedded into concrete to provide a high level of impact resistance. During installation their interior may also be filled with concrete for additional support and impact resistance. Reliance Foundry’s steel pipe bollards are created from ASTM 500 B structural grade steel, and come standard with a primer coating.

Steel pipe bollards installation

Steel pipe bollards can be installed in several different ways but, in all cases, they must be embedded into concrete. If they are to be installed on an existing concrete surface, an installation hole must be dug. (As installation requires breaching the surface of the substrate, ensure that underground utility lines and pipes pose no risk; this may require an x-ray in advance of any core drilling). The hole is usually dug to the depth of the area’s frost line and this measurement can be determined by contacting the local building inspection department. The hole is dug with a diameter that is at least 6’ wider than that of steel bollard post. After the hole is created, the pipe is placed inside and the concrete is poured. The hole is filled along with the interior of the steel bollard post to increase the level of impact resistance it will provide. The physical dimensions of the piping, along with the process used to install it and the substrate in which it is set will all affect the level of impact resistance a steel pipe bollard will provide.

When planning an installation, an engineer should always be consulted to ensure that the steel pipe bollards will deliver the level of impact resistance required for the application.

Steel pipe bollard maintenance

After the concrete is set, the post will require protection from the elements, and more protection from the elements is usually required than is provided by the included red primer. Steel bollard posts offer a great deal of structural durability but, being composed of steel, they are subject to rust. You could paint your bollards to protect them, but paint will frequently blister, chip and fade; painting must be done yearly to keep up the look and protection of your bollards.

Instead of painting, it is recommended to include plastic bollard covers in your plans, as they provide the greatest protection available from weather, scratches and dents. Standard plastic bollards may be purchased in a wide array of colors with or without reflective stripes; these standard covers give strong visual cues to distracted drivers and can lend a fun, contemporary feel. Decorative plastic covers in black and muted tones lend architectural detail and fit in well with traditional or historical sites. Plastic bollard covers last for years and may be easily cleaned with soap and water.

You may also consider architectural and decorative metal covers . Decorative iron, steel and aluminum post covers can help to integrate steel pipe bollards into refined architectural schemes.

Purchasing steel pipe bollards

Reliance Foundry supplies four standard sizes of steel pipe bollards. All models are cut at a standard 7’ height. At the point of order, Reliance Foundry will also accept requests to have the pipe cut to requirements of specific applications. All standard steel pipe bollards by Reliance Foundry are finished with a coat of red primer. For higher volume orders, specialized finishes, such as galvanization, are also available. All standard steel bollards are kept in stock, and will ship within 7-10 business days from a centrally-located US stocking location.

Steel pipe bollard photo gallery