Reliance Foundry’s Bollards Used in Security Upgrades to Fenway Park

Signature bollard model helps integrate perimeter security with site’s historic architecture.

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A row of model R-7539 bollards by Reliance Foundry lines the sidewalk outside Gate C of Fenway Park.

When designers at the Beta Inc. were tasked with overseeing the layout and installation of security bollards outside Boston’s Famous Fenway Park, they knew that maintaining the site’s historic feel would be paramount. Fenway Park is the oldest park in use in Major League Baseball and it still boasts much of the original architecture from 1912. It was necessary to provide anti-ram protection in several areas where large numbers of pedestrians converge but the designers also recognized that unadorned steel pipe bollards would clash with the time-honored design of the historic ballpark.

They concluded that the bollards would have to be decorated, but finding a style that matched the site’s retro-classic design would prove difficult. Bollards at a historic site, like Fenway, would require elegant ornamentation, classic design, and would need to be composed of a material that appeared genuine to the time period in which the park was constructed.

Want to watch the security bollard installation at Fenway Park and find out how
Reliance Foundry’s bollard covers create seamless architectural highlights?

The designers found the solution in the authentic-looking, old-world design of Reliance Foundry’s model R-7539 decorative bollards. Composed of ductile iron and featuring a spherical cap and fluted shaft, the model R-7539 perfectly coincides with early 20th century architectural motifs. It stands 3 feet tall and features a hollow shaft that allows it to be installed alone or over security pipe bollards. With the assortment of standard mounting options offered by Reliance Foundry, this versatile architectural highlight can be used in a wide variety of applications, including the security pipe bollard ornamentation for which it was used at Fenway Park.

A model R-7539 bollard by Reliance Foundry is shown in front of the statue of Ted Williams at Fenway Park in Boston.

“The model R-7539 is our signature bollard and one of our most- popular-selling products,” said Brad Done, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Reliance Foundry. “I think that all boils down to how architecturally versatile it is, how well it works with historic architecture and the large number of installation methods that are available.”

Installation of the model R-7539 bollards at Fenway Park took place throughout the week of August 19, 2013. The bollards were installed on the sidewalk that runs along Lansdowne Road, outside Gate C of the ballpark. A local construction company, Lanzillo and Sons, installed the bollards and the process was overseen by Thomas Barriers of Framingham, MA.

The workers employed an installation method that is standard for setting security bollards. In this method, holes are bored into the concrete substrate. The required depth for any hole, in which a security pipe bollard will be set, is determined by environmental factors at the site and the size of the slab in which the bollard will rest. To provide the necessary level of impact-resistance, a security bollard will generally have to be set in a hole that reaches down to the site’s frost line, though installation in a wider slab of concrete may offset some of the required depth. Massachusetts is subject to colder winters and the frost line varies, from site to site, but it is usually found between three and four feet below the surface.

Normally, steel pipe bollards are centered in the installation hole and the pipe and its surrounding hole are filled with concrete at the same time. Once filled, and while the concrete is still wet, a 1” threaded rod can be set in the center of the security pipe bollard. At Fenway Park, the crew took the unique step of pre-filling and pre-setting threaded rods in the steel pipe bollards, prior to installation. Using this method, the bollards deliver the same level of impact-resistance but valuable time is saved during installation.

Reliance Foundry’s model R-7359 bollards line the sidewalk on Lansdowne Street, outside Fenway Park.

Once the concrete had been given ample time to cure, Reliance Foundry’s bollard covers could be installed over the steel pipe bollards. Bollard covers should not be installed over security bollards until the concrete has been given sufficient time to cure: it is recommended that at least 24 hours be allotted. One day after the security posts had been set, the Lanzillo and Sons crew began installing the model R-7539 bollard covers. A bollard cover was centered over each of the security posts and workers placed a washer over each threaded rod. The washers rested on lips, found at the top of each bollard cover’s shaft. The washers allow each bollard cover to be secured with a 1" nut and the bollard covers are held in place through the tension created by the threaded rod, washer and nut. Once the workers had secured the bollard cover shafts, they finished the installation by attaching a spherical cap to each bollard cover. The caps are held in place with three stainless steel anti-theft set screws and completely cover the inner mounting hardware, creating a seamless architectural highlight.

In all, 55 steel pipe bollard and bollard covers were installed outside Fenway Park and the end result was perimeter security that was fully integrated into the site’s historic architecture. The installation was completed quickly and the company that oversaw the process couldn’t be happier with the results.

“The bollards look just as great as we hoped they would,” said the president of Thomas Barriers Inc., Elaine Grilli. “Our experience with Reliance Foundry was totally positive and the product quality is excellent.”

Reliance Foundry offers an extensive catalog of ductile iron bollards that can be installed alone in decorative applications or over security posts to add ornamentation to the otherwise unsightly barriers. They can be used in architectural, security, traffic management and landscaping applications and will provide an exceptionally-long service life. Ductile iron bollards by Reliance Foundry are available in a wide range of styles but work particularly well to complement period architecture. They are relatively easy to install and require little in terms of ongoing maintenance. They can be finished in one of seven standard powder-coating color options and will standard up to the demands of typical North American climates. Reliance Foundry offers over 30 standard models of ductile iron bollards that are kept in stock and available for immediate shipment to all locations within North America.

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