Good Bollards: The Best Defense at EMU

Reliance Foundry bollards bolster student safety on the campus of Eastern Michigan University.

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Decorative bollards from Reliance Foundry on a walkway at Eastern Michigan University

Reliance Foundry bollards both functional and attractive

Just a moment ago you were listening to the delicate strains of Debussy from the comfort of a padded auditorium seat. The performance was such that it lulled you into that delightful semi-conscious state often brought on thorough a sense of enjoyment. Bundled against the cold, you and your companions leave the building engrossed in a conversation regarding the many merits of the Impressionists. You start toward your car when…WHAM; your knee strikes something painfully solid. You look down to discover that you’ve just collided with a bollard sprouting from the concrete, just as the car whose path you nearly stepped into whizzes past only inches away…

Seem a bit overdramatic? Not at all. Every single day, pedestrians unwittingly collide with cars while their minds are elsewhere. The results can be devastating and many site planners have put a priority on keeping vehicles and people at a safe distance from one another. To reduce the number of unfortunate mishaps, more and more colleges are installing bollards as a means for creating a barrier between traffic and pedestrians.

Eastern Michigan University has pursued this plan of action with attractive and affordable results. In a bid to protect people and property, the University turned to Reliance Foundry to supply a practical and attractive safety solution. Throughout the campus, decorative barriers were put in place to keep people out of the path of moving vehicles, and to prevent vehicles from entering areas where they are not permitted.

One of the most noticeable bollard installations is that in front of the Frederic H. Pease Auditorium. Here, the barriers prevent vehicles from getting too close, and keep pedestrians basking in post-event afterglow from inadvertently stepping into the path of oncoming traffic. Here and throughout the campus, Reliance Foundry model R-7589 bollards in black ductile iron were chosen to add a dependable layer of protection.

Model R-7589 Bollards at the Frederic H. Pease Auditorium
Bollards at potentially hazardous corner at EMU.

Ductile iron is often chosen for bollard construction because it is sturdy, stands up to the elements, and is less likely to become brittle than cast iron. Model R-7589 bollards, along with many of Reliance Foundry’s other bollards, provide a flexible safety solution for many types of locations as they come with a variety of mounting options. While the majority are fixed in place permanently, some areas may require occasional vehicle access. When this is the case, bollards in removable or retractable mountings are called for. This allows them to be folded down or removed as access needs fluctuate.

Dormitory entrances are other areas which benefit greatly from the addition of bollards. In addition to keeping students safe from errant drivers, bollards in these locations prevent students from driving too close to buildings and endangering others in a bid to get as close as possible on moving days.

Eastern Michigan University has also installed Reliance Foundry bollards to improve safety in campus areas with the greatest potential for drivers to leave the roadway for pedestrian walkways. This can be a common occurrence in locations where roads turn sharply or unexpectedly. Bollards provide a visual reminder than the direction of the road is changing, and create a barrier between people and cars in the event that a vehicle does leave the roadway.

In addition to their contributions to campus safety, the bollards on the EMU campus were selected for their appearance. With buildings of both old and new design, (some of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places) bollards were needed which complemented, rather than detracted from the overall visual appeal. Reliance Foundry’s model R-7589 was chosen because it provided the best possible addition to the campus’ existing landscaping and architecture.

Adding bollards to the EMU campus has enhanced the safety of the people who work and study within its walls. It has also added a decorative touch which works well with the university’s combination of historic and modern architecture. Having taken such an important step in creating a safe and secure environment, the EMU family can keep its mind on more important things….like the learning that goes on there each and every day.

Visit Reliance Foundry’s bollard website to view the many styles available to increase pedestrian safety on college campuses.

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