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Pedals for Professionals

Reliance Foundry is proud to support environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyles through its annual Bike to Work week contest.

Reliance Foundry is a proud supporter of Bike to Work Week through its annual Pedals for Professionals Contest. Bike to Work week is a national initiative to encourage cycling and, as one of North America’s foremost suppliers of commercial bike racks, Reliance Foundry recognizes the importance of promoting this eco-friendly and healthy form of transportation. Commuters who choose the bike over the car will reduce their carbon footprint and improve their finances. Studies have shown that they will also be less likely to suffer from stress and may contribute to a more productive work place. Because more than half of all North American workers live within a five mile radius of their workplace, cycling to work is a real opportunity for most commuters! Environmental stewardship and promoting healthy lifestyles is everyone’s responsibility and Reliance Foundry is happy to promote these ideals in the Pedals for Professionals Contest.

First begun in April of 2014, the Pedals for Professional Contest is an annual initiative to foster support for cycling as a form of transportation. The contest will take place every spring and will culminate with the announcement of a winner on Bike to Work Day. The format and stipulations of the contest will change from year to year but the objective will stay always the same – to encourage cycling as a viable form of transportation. If you’ve taken up the bike to work challenge, book mark this page to stay tuned for more upcoming opportunities presented through the Pedals for Professionals Contest.

a business professional riding a bicycle to work

Past Winners:

The 2014 Pedals for Professionals Contest

Reliance Foundry asked participants to submit a presentation on how biking to work has changed their life or how it could improve the lives of their coworkers or employees for a chance to win $5,000 in the cycling gear of their choice. Participants were free to submit their story however they felt they could most effectively do so. There were no maximum or minimum word limits. In fact, the presentation did not even have to be submitted in standard written form; infographics, videos, imagery were also accepted. Participants were also asked to specify the cycling equipment (up to a maximum of $5,000 MAX VALUE) that they would select if they were to be chosen winner. Submissions would be judged based on how defectively they articulated how biking to work had changed the participant’s life. The response was positive and cyclist form all across North America submitted presentations that told their bike to work stories in a wide variety forms. $5,000 in biking equipment to the business professional who can most cleverly articulate how biking to work has changed their life

The Winner:

Name: Kevin Neidorf

Location: Columbia, SC

Prize: A new bicycle and funds to create an office cycle program

Kevin Neidorf’s inspirational video submission directly speaks to purpose and intent of the 2014 Pedals for professionals contest. He effectively articulated why he chose to begin cycling to work and the struggles he undergoes on a daily basis to keep motivated. Although it’s not always easy, he is helping to become the change that he would like to see in the world without trying to be better than anyone but his former self. Kevin had not purchased a new bicycle in over eleven years and his friends often joked that they thought the frame would one day burst into flames because of the many commuting miles that it has endured. For his prize, Kevin selected a new bicycle to make getting up easier and his commute safer. He promised to use the remaining a portion of his winnings to help encourage cycling at his company. Way to go, Kevin! Check out his encouraging story here: https://vimeo.com/95254719

Honorable Mention:

Name: Joe Walewski

Location: Finland, MN

Joe Walewski is the Director of Naturalist Training at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minnesota. He submitted a great video presentation on his daily commute that featured many of the people in his community. In an effort to reduce his use of fossil fuels, Joe commutes to work by foot, bike or ski at least fifty percent of the time. Thanks for your hard work, Joe. Watch his inspiring story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTOWDmQFGKk&feature=youtu.be