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Bike Lockers

Reliance Foundry’s plastic bike lockers feature one-of-a-kind design that allows them to be interlocked.

Watch this video to find out what goes into the eco-friendly design of Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers.

Today, many areas require more security than traditional bike racks offer and, for these areas, bike lockers provide the highest level of protection. Sometimes called bike boxes, they are perfect for areas where there may be a heightened need for extended storage or additional security. Their box-like construction protects cycles from the elements and thwarts the efforts of would-be thieves and vandals. It also allows for the secure storage of additional equipment like back packs, panniers, lights and helmets. Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers are constructed from a polyethylene composite material that is highly-durable and resistant to most chemicals. The material is rated for use in temperatures that range from 104°F to -40°F (40°C to -40°C). Bike Lockers by Reliance Foundry are created in a versatile design that can be used in almost any architectural scheme. They will not fade, chip or crack and they are extremely easy to maintain. Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers blend durability with style in a design that is unique in secure bicycle storage.

Bike Locker Installation

Reliance Foundry’s straightforward resources and proprietary mounting systems make installing bike lockers a breeze. Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers can be easily surface-mounted with concrete inserts, bolts and fender washers. To perform installation, the locker is set in its intended position. Holes with a 7/8” diameter are then drilled through the floor of the locker into the concrete substrate below. There are no set locations for the holes for the most secure results, it is recommended that the markings be placed near the front, rear and middle of the locker’s longest walls. Once the holes are created, the concrete inserts are set in side them. Fender washers are then set over the holes and bolts are tightened into the inserts. Installing bike lockers in this manner allows their mounting to be fully contained within the unit. Reliance Foundry’s lockers are designed in a unique pie-shaped design that allows them to be interlocked or stacked, if needed. Five model R-8285 bike lockers will fit perfectly into a 90 degree corner while 10 units will make a semi-circle and 20 a full circle. If needed, the lockers can even be stacked on top of one another.

Bike Locker Maintenance

Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers are exceptionally easy-to-maintain and will retain their aesthetics through years of service. However, regular inspections and cleaning are necessary. In most cases, Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers can simply be rinsed with hose water to remove dirt and other debris. For more difficult-to-remove dirt, a mild soap can be used along with a cloth. It is important to rinse the rinse the soap after washing to avoid staining the bike locker. Many users have also found Windex to be an effective agent for removing set-in stains. Bike lockers should be washed regularly as required by the specifics of each site and dirt and debris should be removed whenever it is noticed. Select biodegradable anti-graffiti sprays and wipes can also be used on the lockers but it is important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that the cleaning agent will not damage polyethylene surfaces. If any parts are broken or missing, Reliance Foundry‘s Sales Department should be consulted to investigate the availability of replacements.

a row of bike lockers in the courtyard of a college campus
bike lockers on a brick walkway
a bike locker outside an industrial plant

Purchasing Bike Lockers

Reliance Foundry provides bike lockers at prices that are among the most competitive on the market and offers volume discounts for larger orders. They are kept in stock are available for immediate shipment and can be easily ordered online. Reliance Foundry offers them in a standard charcoal black color that will maintain its vivid appearance for a minimum of twenty years. At sites all across North America, they have provided “peace of mind” protection from the elements, thieves and vandals. If you’re looking for a way to increase accessibility at your business the plastic Bikebox bike lockers by Reliance Foundry are the perfect solution!