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commercial bicycle racks by Reliance Foundry on a New York sidewalk.

Commercial Bike Racks, Bollards & Lockers | Bicycle Parking

Outdoor bike racks for quality application and modern architectural design

Product options

Bicycle racks offer simple storage solutions for cyclists, providing security and contemporary aesthetics to any commercial or outdoor space. Made from powder-coated and stainless steel, our racks ensure premium security for cyclists and exceptional durability against weathering and long-term use.

Bike bollards add additional functionality and premium design. Bike bollards are available in standard and stainless steel as well as unique cast iron motifs. Create stand-alone, low-impact barriers—or use to cover steel security bollards to maximize protection. All bollards can be installed with optional removable mountings for better versatility.

Bike lockers provide the highest security for longer-term bicycle parking—offering piece-of-mind protection from weathering, theft and vandalism. Secured with a single padlock, the spacious and easy-to-access interiors are optimal for storing additional biking accessories. Individual wedge-shaped units can be configured to accommodate a range of commercial or architectural layouts.

Why bike security

Bike parking is a key means to improving business and community spaces, increasing accessibility and security for cyclists and supporting a valuable customer base for businesses. Proper infrastructure supports healthy lifestyles and environmental responsibility in local commercial and community spaces:

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • University and college campuses
  • Parks
  • Streetscapes and sidewalks
  • Indoor and outdoor parking lots
  • Other public spaces

Commercial and decorative bike parking solutions

Our commercial bike-storage products provide a simple and clean aesthetic that will accommodate a range of practical bike-parking environments. Simple, practical and versatile, they suit any application while complementing a range of architectural designs.

Our cast products offer a more elegant, custom-designed look to enhance any architectural design. Choose from a range of classic to modern styles to suit both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Quality materials

Reliance Foundry was built on a tradition of providing the highest-quality cast metal products. Our bike-parking solutions offer the best security and require minimal maintenance to protect against weathering and long-term use.

Our products are made from machined stainless and standard steel or cast iron, ensuring the best strength and durability. Stainless and powder-coated surfaces provide a clean and resilient surface, minimizing wear and rust. Powder-coated surfaces come in either standard black textured semi-gloss or one of our premium color options.

Easy installation

Semi-permanent and permanent fixtures are available:

  • Surface-mountings can be installed in new or existing concrete and can be relocated when needed. In some cases, surface-mounted products can also be installed in asphalt, paving stones or tile.
  • Embedded mountings are installed inground for the most permanent and secure structures.

Competitive and easy purchasing

Reliance Foundry features an online catalog containing full and competitive pricelists. Lists include volume discounts for the best prices—meaning no hidden deals. Formal quotes can be requested and will be delivered within 1 business day.

We offer standard commercial shipping within 10 business days anywhere in North America. Expedited and international shipping also available.